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COEXPORT de El Salvador


The Corporation of Exporters of El Salvador, is a private non-profit organization serving the export sector.
COEXPORT emerged in the ASI (Salvadoran Association of Industrialists) in 1975 as a committee which was formed by a group of exporters identified by a common goal: Creating more and better job opportunities for Salvadorans by the promotion, establishment and expansion industries for export. In 1985, union was established as COEXPORT.
COEXPORT counts among its members with producers and exporters of goods and services in agriculture, agribusiness, food, textiles, clothing, accessories, assembly, metal, mechanical, aluminium, wood, construction goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paper and cardboard, crafts, export services and more.

Represent the interests of all export sectors and helping them to become more competitive in international markets.
Be the leading organization with broad representation of the export sec- tor, the main reference for everything related to the export activity of the country.
• Increase non-traditional exports and diversify their export markets• Protect the interests of producers and exporters in the country in general and its partners in particular
• Obtain and provide information, documentation and assistance necessary to facilitate exports
• Study and recommend measures designed to enhance international competitiveness of enterprises
• Collaborate with other private sector trade promotion, promotion and development activities to increase production and export of all products and services for export
• Facilitate the participation in trade missions and events
• Serve as an advisory body to the Government on issues related to exports

New World Crafts Guatemala


Is the most important trade show for handmade home decor, gifts and personal accessories in Guatemala and Central America. For the past eleven years, NWC has offered the best selection of handmade goods, with modern and contemporary designs inspired in handcrafted traditions and the cultural richness of Guatemala. The visitors can find a wide range of articles made of different materials and techniques; among them: textiles, wood products, ceramic, natural fibers, candles, leather, jewelry, blown glass, recycled material and forged steel. The quality, design and variety of NWC articles have made it one of the most important trade shows in Latin America, as well as an excellent proposal for designers and companies of handcrafted goods.

Know the story behind every Craft

Milli Amantolli. Sustainable Fashion, creating more than 10 new creative by products which allows us to complete our production circle with Zero Waste


Milli is a Nahuatl Word ( native Salvadorean language) meaning –Parcel of land to feed a family-, Amantolli means- Artesan hands-; therefore, Milli Amantolli is…
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Life On Motion

Life On Motion

In the summer of 2015, medals and threads were harmoniously combined by Sonia Kessler. Inside a small room in her house, big dreams were becoming…
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LAZOS is about keeping it simple and stylish


It started in 2017 when Mónica, CEO and founder of LAZOS, wanted to organize her kids rooms. She is an Industrial Engineer , wife and…
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It's two sisters, that one day together came up with the idea of making cushions


It’s two sisters, that one day together came up with the idea of making cushions, and people loved it. It’s two who, in need, discovered…
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Rebeca Siwady de Cuadra

Rebeca Siwady

I have always felt inclined to help, I have also enjoyed and still enjoy watching nature: the mountains, the ocean, the trees, the clouds, the…
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items that evoked light, serenity, and were vivacious, whilst transmitting a sense of familiarity


The business idea for Cunkun was developed after I had my son and had started to look for the right items to decorate his nursery…
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ESCARABAZUL. Diseño que involucra los tejidos artesanales tradicionales y no tradicionales


Since early 2010, we have been designing and manufacturing CRAFTS, under the Brand ESCARABAZUL. As a Women owned entrepreneurship
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Papaki. Productos salvadoreños relacionados con diseños innovadores y diferentes


We started as a project of friends who have common interests and tastes. Our first designs were made with people from our community and we…
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USAID. El Salvador
COEXPORT. Gremial de los Exportadores de El Salvador

This is an initiative organized by the Corporation of Exporters of El Salvador (COEXPORT)
with the support of the USAID Project for Economic Competitiveness.

El Salvador Exporters Corporation

Address: Av. La Capilla #254, Colonia San Benito, San Salvador, El Salvador.
Phone: +503 2212-0200

COEXPORT. Gremial de los Exportadores de El Salvador

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