items that evoked light, serenity, and were vivacious, whilst transmitting a sense of familiarity



The business idea for Cunkun was developed after I had my son and had started to look for the right items to decorate his nursery with. I knew that I wanted items that evoked light, serenity, and were vivacious, whilst transmitting a sense of familiarity. It was also very important for my husband and I to support and promote the Salvadoran handcraft, which made the task of finding the right items that much harder, but presented a great business opportunity.

This is how Cunkun came to existence. Sprouting from our family’s core, and our son’s attachment to a racoon shaped blanket he had intuitively named ‘Cunkun’, I built a family-centric business that focused on Salvadoran handmade items that were tailored to nurseries and toddler’s rooms around the globe.

As one of Cunkun’s core values, promoting handmade crafts grew to be a Salvadoran women empowered process, with 100% of our products being made by local women such as Gladys and Ligia, who are now single handedly supporting their growing families. As a female entrepreneur who has felt empowered by Cunkun, I take pride in supporting fellow women. However, our social responsibility doesn’t end there.

El Salvador is a beautiful country with too much poverty and children in need. To do our part in building a better future, we have committed 50% of our rattle sales to a local Salvadoran charity called “Cunas de Cartón” ( or Cardboard Cribs) to help save newborns from extreme situations. You can learn more about their work on their Facebook Page. 
Cunkun started out of a desire to build the ideal environment for my son Pablo, but after some encouragement from friends and family, that led to numerous participations in local fairs, we knew there was a larger scale opportunity. This opportunity grew into a dream of bringing Salvadoran warmth to all households.

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