LAZOS is about keeping it simple and stylish



LAZOS is about keeping it simple and stylish!

It started in 2017 when Mónica, CEO and founder of LAZOS, wanted to organize her kids rooms. She is an Industrial Engineer , wife and mom of two boys. Always wanted to have her own business so she could have time to be near her children. She created two other projects before and had no success, until LAZOS came in

She is constantly inspired by simple and neutral spaces and that’s why LAZOS characteristic baskets have neutral colors and designs that can go in every space and stand out.

Mónica learned how to make the baskets and then brought Abigail, a woman from a town in El Salvador named Atiquizaya. Mónica trained her and is now an integral part of the team.

After came Susana and Eugenia, who are also from Atiquizaya, to create the pom poms and tassels for the baskets. Being part of this women led small business gives them opportunities and independence to feel empowered.

Lazos believes in giving back to the environment, after all…it’s given so much to us, our baskets are from raw cotton rope and some of our dyes are natural.

Our aim is to bring serenity into your home by creating with them sleek and organized spaces.

We want our LAZOS to unite and be a symbol we can share with you!

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