Life On Motion

Life On Motion


In the summer of 2015, medals and threads were harmoniously combined by Sonia Kessler. Inside a small room in her house, big dreams were becoming a reality. With nothing more than some threads, a few medals and charms, and the idea of ​​helping to generate employment, strengthen inner peace in El Salvador, handmade creations emerged and LIFE ON MOTION was born.

As our team has grown, so has our passion. We are artists with the ‘threads and charms’ in our hands, positive thoughts in our minds, love in our hearts and with the possibility of making a difference: it is our inspiration to create.

Through our project “Giving Back” each product you purchase, provides breakfasts to someone who needs it in any corner of the planet. We started in El Salvador, because it is a country that desperately needs hope, love and to cover basic needs. Access to food has the power to save lives and transform communities.

In addition to providing food, our designs have become everyday instruments of encouragement and inspiration. In our hands, threads become a tool of ‘connection with our thoughts and emotions’ very significant that strengthens our inner peace in daily life.

As an architect, Sonia found the space to connect with herself, to connect with people, to connect with clients through her daily life drawings. An excellent way for her to understand the complexity of life in a simple way, represent everyday emotions and organize her ideas. “Life on E-Motion Connect” is a connection space that helps her to synthesize life in an easy way.

“Life on E-Motion Connect” has a much more direct and deep communication capacity, which sometimes does not have the words and the written text.

Throughout these years, our designs and drawings have been used to spread hope and share love in ways we could have never imagined. Thank you for joining us on this trip. Together we can change the world.

When someone inspires a positive movement to my life is a privilege, to print positive movement to others is an honor, but to help others to print positive movement to their own lives, is the mission of my life

Sonia Kessler
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