Rebeca Siwady de Cuadra

Rebeca Siwady


I have always felt inclined to help, I have also enjoyed and still enjoy watching nature: the mountains, the ocean, the trees, the clouds, the song of the birds, etc.

When I became aware of the damage and the impact that we are causing to the enviroment I realized that each and every one of us must assume the responsibility of caring -not to destroy-, so I put into practice concrete, small actions, but added to other initiatives made me feel that I am helping to preserve the valuable natural resources of our planet.

Upon discovering that most disposable products are not biodegradable but can be recycled, it was like a good opportunity to contribute even more to this campaign for the environment: recover used cans to prevent them for going away to trash and pollute the land, the oceans, and the rivers. This is vital to me. And I love knowing that they can be reused, transformed and recycled to make beautiful and useful things, like my beloved handbags.

Rebeca Siwady bases her company on 3 fundamental pillars:
a) Contribution in protecting the environment using as raw material bottoms and rings of cans, recycling them to transform them into beautiful products.
b) Empowerment of vulnerable women residing in rural areas of the country: teaching them to make different products while giving them jobs.
c) Protecting Salvadoran children, who are threatened by the scourge of maras or criminal gangs, since artisans work from their homes, thus being able to closely take care for their children.

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