It's two sisters, that one day together came up with the idea of making cushions



It’s two sisters, that one day together came up with the idea of making cushions, and people loved it…

It’s two who, in need, discovered that there are more beautiful ways of talking about El Salvador …

It’s two, who one day dreamed their follies made their lips vibrate and elicited smiles…

It’s two, who believed one day they could make their unique and colorful voice heard, and thus they ventured, with nothing in their bag but the sole desire to tell short tales over long stories…

It’s two sisters, whom life united from the beginning and no longer just two … SONDOS! (It’s two!!):

Marta (Martita), the creative hand, the one with product ideas, the one who knows how to do things, the one with the incredible gifts and the marvelous hands with threads and scissors. She knows about fabrics, materials, inks, and printers, the one who puts the numbers and tables in order, the one with a noble heart and concrete ideas, the one who serves God 24/7.

Celina, the one with the crazy mind, the soft hand, the creative one, the one who dreams of colors and makes black lines, the one who can be inspired by a stone and sigh every time I look at the sky, whom entangles the thread at the first stitch; I’m the speechless one and that’s why I started to draw them, the one that knows colors and has a right hand with a life of its own (seriously! … sometimes I don’t know what is going to get out of that and it surprises me) ….; perhaps I’m the most distracted, the one who forgets everything, the incorrigible optimist, but how could I not be?,  if I trust in the hand of God that sustains us!

These “are the two”, who never tire of creating, who embraced that gift of God that differentiates us from the rest of the living beings on the planet: Creativity, and now through it, they seek to color everything and transcend, become a benchmark of Salvadoran design and tell the world their stories. Talk about El Salvador through its colors, its fauna, its flora and culture, sharing a little of our country in each product.

This is how SONDOS! journey has started, opening doors through national and international Fairs, Bazaars and with the presence of our products in the most emblematic stores of nostalgic products in the country. Now we intend to expand our lines and talk about El Salvador everywhere to everybody.

SONDOS (It’s two) who started … … but every day, with you we are more …!

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